Cynopia Pictures now offers Web Marketing solutions

We offer a comprehensive package that will attract customers to your business
by combining our high-definition video and logo design with with a creative web development process. We always develop clean markup with SEO practices in mind and use the latest HTML5 and JavaScript libraries. We also offer CMS & inventory management and social media marketing. We always use the right tools for the job.

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3...2...1... ACTION! We provide high quality video editing services

Video & Web are a winning combination

Couple your webpage with an attractive video commercial. Video is the most effective medium to reach your audience. We create HD video clips that are sure to capture the attention of your users. Embed your commercial right on the home page to help drive potential customers to your site or store.

XHTML and CSS validation provides optimal search engine results

Search Engine Optimization

We hand-code your website the right way from the beginning. All of our webpages are accesable to screen readers and work without javascript enabled. We code with the latest HTML5 and CSS features to make sure Google and other search engines can index your important information correctly. We also offer social media marketing solutions to maxize the effectiveness of your website's relevance. More hits equals more revenue, invest in your website!

Eight pages of layout plus video package, call or email us

8 Page & Video Package

Our basic package includes a video with motion graphics and eight pages of a newly designed website. We will take all the information on your existing site (if available) or work with you to create the information you want to be available to your visitors. We include basic web elements such as image slide shows, embedded video, lightbox image viewer galleries, Google Maps and PHP contact forms where your customers can reach you easily, right from your webpage. Email us at